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Frequently Asked Questions
What can I grow inside Sunsail Container Farms?
The Sunsail Aquafarming Fodderbox produces animal fodder, microgreens and can be customized for mushroom production.

The Veggiebox can produce leafy greens, herbs and brassica varieties like Wildfire lettuce, arugula, Romaine lettuce, spinach, Red Russian kale, collard greens, Asian greens like Bok Choi, mustard greens, mint, parsley, basil, cilantro and more.
Can I grow different crops simultaneously?
Yes, when growing different crops at the same time, it’s important to note that some varieties (like herbs) have different growing needs compared to other plants like lettuce.

Our team of consultants can help you with the needs of the different plants so you can optimize your planting schedules and overall production.
How long does it take for the plants to grow?
It takes 5 to 7 weeks from seed to harvest to grow lettuces and leafy greens (i.e. kales, spinaches). Herbs take between 8 to 12 weeks.
How much do the container farms cost?
A Fodderbox costs N$ 405,000 and a Veggiebox costs N$439,000. Also consider the shipping fee, which varies based on your installation’s distance from Windhoek. Total startup costs depend on where the farm is being shipped, the training you choose, what business services and customizations are included.
What is the return on investment (ROI)?
This will depend on many factors like the demand for certain produce varieties in your area, the cost of electricity at your site, your distribution model. Our business consultants are on hand to help ensure your installation will be commercially viable before moving ahead.

Farmers who follow our best practices can expect complete return of their initial investment in three years or less.
What is the size of a Farming container?
Our farm is 12 meter long by 2.5 meter wide by 2.6 meter high.
What are the container installation requirements?
Our farms are built to be “plug&play” and require minimal set up. You will need:
  • Space: 1.5m clearance area around the farm is recommended, so a 15m by 5.5m level area is sufficient.
  • Water: You can connect your farm directly to a water source or have the option to fill with a garden hose or water truck.
  • Power: You will require a 40A, 240-volt single phase power supply. On-site or hired electricians complete the hook-up. Solar options are available.
How much water is required?
The Veggiebox requires approximately 2,500 liter of water per month and needs a refill about every 3 weeks. The Fodderbox uses about 7,000 liter of water per month and needs a top up weekly.
What is the monthly power consumption?
For our standard unit we have an annual consumption of around 40,000 kWh. To run the farm, you will require a 40A, 240-volt single phase power supply and any on-site or hired electricians can complete the hook up for you. Solar options are available.
How many hours of labor are needed?
The farm needs 20 to 25 hours of work per week to be maintained. Although hours will fluctuate when you are doing more labor intensive tasks such as harvesting and cleaning the growing system. Depending on how you run your farm, you will also need to account for hours spent on tasks such as packaging, marketing, and community engagement.
Does Sunsail provide training?
Yes! Before installation, we work closely with you to ensure effective startup and training. During the project planning stage before installation, we work alongside you to provide business support services such as business feasibility planning, packaging and branding development, marketing, along with media relations assistance.

Sunsail’s customer service team also provides ongoing support for the lifespan of the system to guarantee you accomplish your goals. We help with technical troubleshooting, plant health, and replenishing supplies.
How does Sunsail Aquafarming support customers?
Sunsail Aquafarming is dedicated to customer support. We are with you from the moment you purchase a farm and will help guide you through training, delivery, installation, startup, first harvest and beyond!
What if something breaks down?
Your container farm comes equipped with a full one-year warranty on workmanship. Our container farms are built to last, but we know sometimes components can break down. If something breaks, you can call our service team to walk you through how to fix the issue. The farm is built to be plug-and-play, uses almost entirely locally available parts and doesn’t require special technicians to fix.
Where do I get my supplies?
The Veggiebox comes with a first year worth of supplies and once that is consumed, you can order more through us or any vendor of your choosing.
Do I need a background in farming or hydroponics to operate a system?
No, but it is helpful to have! At Sunsail Aquafarming, we provide thorough training, resources, and dedicated ongoing support so, regardless of prior experience, you can feel comfortable growing using our farms.
Do you help with the business plan?
Yes, we work with you to develop a business plan, site assessments, maintenance plans, etc.
What are the different ways I can distribute the produce I grow?
There are many different ways to distribute the produce you grow, including selling directly to community members, selling to your local grocery store, and supplying local businesses or restaurants. You can also partner with school cafeterias and community service programs.
Do I need food safety measures to be able to sell the produce?
As long as you are not altering the food, selling container farm produce follows the same rules as any farmer would have when selling raw produce to farmers’ markets. However, Sunsail trains you to follow good agricultural practices and employ best practices for sanitary measures.
What’s the value of Veggiebox produce?
When the time between harvest and consumption is reduced, your produce is fresher, retains its nutritious value, and has a longer shelf life. You also reduce the carbon footprint associated with imported produce and directly support your local economy.

Sunsail greens are produced in a safe and controlled environment using 90% less water and no synthetic pest control products. If you are part of a community or nonprofit, your produce also represents your social mission of supporting the local community.
Can I operate a container farm as a business?
For many that is the whole point! A single Veggiebox is capable of growing a commercially viable amount of food year-round, regardless of weather or climate. We can help you design a model that makes sense for your area and marketplace.
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