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The Sunsail Container Farms are pre-fabricated, mobile hydroponic systems to grow food anywhere, anytime. Simply connect water and electricity to start your climate-independent plant production.

Feed your animals, become the supplier for your restaurant, or simply start your own agricultural business with Sunsail Aquafarming Container Farms.

The Veggiebox 40

Container farms can be less expensive to set up than many other farms like greenhouse or warehouse operations and allow production of crops exactly where they are needed, eliminating transport costs entirely.

Our container farms are designed for easy visibility and accessibility of crops, with wide walkways for comfortable access to all working areas.

Sunsail Aquafarming containers use “plug and play” concept for simple installation of the container on site.

Just connect the Veggiebox to a water and electrical source and start growing over 150 varieties of plants. You can be harvesting within a month of delivery!

Even after launch of your successful operation our service team will always be only a phone call away.

Not sure about a big farming container? No problem, you can get a half-container of 6 meter or let us design and build your personal dream of a custom farm.

Our container farms only require the core essentials of farming: seeding, transplanting, and harvesting (with very little maintenance required).

What some might consider a part-time job (15–20 labor hours per week) is all that it takes to run a revenue generating farm.

The Fodderbox 40

The Sunsail Aquafarming Fodderbox uses soilless hydroponics and automated watering to produce healthy fodder all year round, using minimal amounts of water and labor in comparison to traditional farming.

This is especially important in areas suffering from chronic water shortages or where the infrastructure for irrigation does not exist.

Hydroponic fodder is by no means a new concept and has been readily accepted and implemented in New Zealand and Australia, where record breaking heat waves are leaving many farmers grain stocks dwindling.

Fodder production is accelerated by as much as 25% by bringing the nutrients directly to the plants, without developing large root systems to seek out food. Plants mature faster and more evenly under a hydroponic system than conventional soil based crops.

The crude protein (CP), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF) and Ca contents increase, but organic matter (OM) and non-fibrous carbohydrate (NFC) contents decrease in the hydroponic green forage compared with the original seed on a dry matter basis.
Hydroponic fodder is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, free folic acid, anti-oxidants like β-carotene and minerals.

Besides, helping in the elimination of the anti-nutritional factors such as phytate in the grains, hydroponic fodders are good sources of chlorophyll and contain a grass juice factor that improves the performance of livestock. The crop is free from antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or herbicides.

The consistency of hydroponic fodder can lead to better tasting end products, which is one of the major goals of beef producers.

It can also increase the quality of meat and other products of swine and poultry. Hydroponic fodder production is a way to substantially improve the quality of animal products.

On daily feeding of 10 kg hydroponic fodder per cow, farmers can save 1.0 kg concentrate mixture per cow with further enhancement of 1.0 liter milk per cow per day. Young calves fed with 1-2 kg hydroponic fodder gain higher body weight with better skin coat.
Hydroponics Fodder is a more natural feed and is comparable to the forages the digestive systems of livestock and horses were designed to process. Due to its increased digestibility and the availability of nutrients, there is a wide range of benefits to feeding fodder over grains and concentrates.

Not only will the animals be healthier and have a better quality of life, they will also be more productive and profitable, while waste and spoilage are virtually eliminated.


Lay the washed, cleaned and soaked seeds into the trays and load them into the system.

The fully automated irrigation and lights provide everything the seeds need to grow.

After 7 days you have produced a thick mat of green sprouts to feed your livestock with high nutritional content.

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